Engraved stainless steel plates

We make stainless steel plates by deep mechanical engraving. We engrave both in steel and acid-resistant steel. Deep engraving of the mechanical method, also known as the classical one, is the most aesthetic method with technology technology on the market.

We can use any inscription, logo or other geometry on stainless plates. All plates are operated by CNC machines. Thanks to the wide range of tools for assessing the quality of treated surfaces, it remains at a very high level.


  • door signs
  • information boards
  • nameplates
  • information boards
  • special use information signs
  • office badges

Executive options:

Stainless or acid-resistant steel belongs to metals whose mechanical processing requires technical knowledge and the use of specialized tools. That is why we offer the following solutions in the field of engraving stainless steel plates:

Narrow Single Line

Using this method, we make inscriptions of height on the order of a millimeter to several millimeters in height. Line width about 0.1 mm. A precise method that allows you to make subtitles and small-size graphics. It is limited to the type of fonts used. It allows maintaining high standards of aesthetics. It is possible to dye / contrast marked surfaces.

Narrow Stroke Line

The minimum font height is 5 mm. Line width about 0.1 mm. There is no limit to the largest dimension. It is possible to use True Type fonts and engrave complicated geometries and shapes. It maintains high quality standards. The engraving line can be tinted with paint to increase readability.

Wide Single Line

Inscriptions made with a single line whose gap is about 1 mm. As in the case of WPL, the method is limited as to the minimum font height, which is about 10 mm. Limited is associated with maintaining adequate readability. In addition, we only engrave dedicated fonts with this method. This method allows you to fill with any color paint.

Classic engraving

Classic engraving gives the possibility of processing inscriptions with TrueType fonts, excluding some patterns. The minimum font height is 15 mm depending on the selected font. It is also possible to make more complex shapes. Places with selected material can be filled with paint.

Surface finish of engraved plates

The standard surface of the plates is smoothed, creating a high-quality product with an exclusive appearance. We use satin or classic cut for plates made of stainless or acid-resistant steel.

Engraving fillings

At your request, the engraved surfaces can be filled with high-quality weather-resistant varnishes, sea salt, etc. Depending on later use. The engraving filled with paint is more visible and stands out against the background of polished plates made of stainless or acid-resistant steel.

Size of tablets made

Stainless steel plates are made according to your wishes. We usually make plaques in a rectangular or square outline. It is possible to make any shape of the plate within the above dimensions. Stainless steel plates can be made of 0.8 mm to 10 mm thick stainless steel.

Mechanical engraving and laser engraving

Mechanical engraving is used wherever high resistance to mechanical factors is required, thus protecting the content on the plate against damage. Laser engraving in stainless or acid-resistant steel does not give such high results as mechanical engraving, besides it is not possible to obtain a wide range of colors.